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Finally Seeing the Light of the Day! Thursday, July 17, 2008 | 10

Its been seven months since I started work on this beautiful theme called Foliage, and I am happy to say that today finally, it sees the light of the day. Not because it was tough, because one I was too busy and second I am too lazy.

Coming to the point straight way, the things that have changed are,

  • the theme is now fluid width, meaning it occupies the 100% width of the user's screen and every thing else adjusts on its own
  • Major fixes for Javascript pertaining to Internet Explorer, Firefox 3, and Safari browser.
  • Last but not the least, the theme is now licensed under MIT license which allows you to use the theme without attributing me or my blog (still I would prefer), you can use it for profit without any royalty to me (let me know the way too), and feel free to edit/update/delete/add to the theme.

I would appreciate if you could drop a Thanks on my blog, and let me know the blog's address you are implementing this in. I would update the site for everyone to see it live (and you get more visitors). You can download the theme from here. If you have any problem implementing it, raise an issue here, and I would try and help.

Keep Walking!

Modified Foliage for download! Monday, December 17, 2007 | 34

The Modified Foliage Theme, currently running on this blog, is now available for download! You may download the theme from the source repository at Google Code.. The current version is a development release and hence there might be a few issues with the theme. One known issue with the theme is the absence of popup-widget feature. The IE6 flicker problem has now been rectified.

You may read more at the theme's home page.

Thanks a lot Rudi, for reminding me to upload the theme. Please feel free to contact me for any issues that you face. I would request you to log the issue at Google Code.

You can download the ZIP archive from here.

Modifying Foliage Thursday, November 22, 2007 | 10

I have been modifying the foliage theme since I first converted it to Blogger XML template. The template now comprises of the following changes over the original Foliage theme.

  • Popups for widgets.
  • Fluid width.
  • Bulleted images in ordered/unordered lists
  • Highlighting quotation blocks.
Upcoming features,
  • Author comment highlighting.
  • Removal of the IE6 flicker problem.
Links to download the entire theme files, would be here by 25th November 2007 7:00 PM IST.

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Modified by Sandeep Gupta. Theme licenced under MIT License

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